Hotels in Batumi

Exchange Rates of Georgian Lari

1 USD = 1.7450 GEL
1 EUR = 2.3240 GEL
1 TRY = 0.8320 GEL
1 AZN = 2.2800 GEL
1 AMD = 0.0045 GEL
1 RUB = 0.0520 GEL
Hotels in Batumi

There are more than 50 hotels in Batumi. Most of these hotels are modern, very comfortable and reasonably priced. Batumi visitors may choose to stay in luxury, mid level or 2-3 stars hotels.

Since Batumi is a seaside city, many hotels are located on or near the Batumi beach. There are some other hotels located in central Batumi or on the hill site in forest. So the choices for hotels in Batumi are quite different.

Batumi is a nice place not only in summer season, but also during the whole year. For instance, some of Batumi hotels are perfect for international conferences, seminars and just other gatherings in winter time. These hotels are well equipped with all necessary equipment and furniture for such events. And of course they have almost everything necessary for tourists coming to Batumi in summer.

Most of the hotels in Batumi are clean, have good service, comfortable furniture, bank ATM machines, cable TV, telephone, connection to Internet, swimming pools, bars, discos, and good restaurants, where Batumi tourists can experience unique and tasty Caucasian dishes. There are European, Russian, Armenian, Chinese and other restaurants too.

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Have a nice time in Adjara, Georgia and welcome to Batumi!
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